Important online security Tips


Only The Paranoid Survive is a tract on corporate fundamentals penned by Intel's ex-Chairman Andy Grove.

The words should, however, be tattooed on the back of every PC owner's mouse hand.

The internet is full of thieves and vagabonds united by one common goal – to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Here's our guide to staying one step ahead of the bad guys. Follow our internet security tips to stay safe online and you can shop, surf and socialise online, and sleep soundly afterwards too.

One change you should make to Windows Explorer right now to stay safer

The vast majority of Windows default settings boil down to a matter of personal preference.

Over the years, as I’ve installed Windows over and over again on new machines, test machines, and more, I’ve slowly adapted to simply accepting the default settings rather than re-applying a large number of customizations every time.

There’s one setting that I and many other security-conscious folks feel that Microsoft simply got wrong. It’s a setting that you should probably change right away.

You don’t want Windows Explorer to “Hide extensions for known file types”.