Time & Attendance and Access Control

eCERT ICT provides state-of-the art electronic security systems to accurately and securely monitor access as well as prevent any unauthorised intrusions to protect your facilities and your people. We supply, install and manage leading edge time and attendance systems, using Windows-based clocking and time tracking software integrated with biometric or RFID (Radio-frequency identification) terminals to handle your time and attendance, employee-specific access control and activity costing.

  • Are your employees being paid even when they are not at work?
  • Do late arrivals, absenteeism and long lunches eat into your company's productivity.
  • Do employees clock in for each other, or cover up absences?
  • Are you paying for supervisors to monitor arrivals and departures
  • Does your company apply labour policies consistently and fairly.
  • Are your supervisors too lenient, or complicit in not reporting a late or absent worker in exchange for favours, or due to friendships.


We employ the latest Technologies to provide solutions to incorporate biometrics or RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for collecting time, attendance or security data to ensure accurate, objective reports.

Employees do not waste time filling in attendance registers, clock cards or timesheets and there is no guesswork or bias. Managers have instant reports on absenteeism for disciplinary hearings, trend identification and control.

From the hardware and software for initial workforce clocking right through to payroll integration, eCERT ICT can provide a total solution to suit the size and complexity of your organisation.

Solutions provided include Finger Print, Password, Face Geometry, Hand Geometry, RFID (Radio-frequency identification) Smart cards, Software and Time Recorders. Please call us for a consultation to determine your business requirements and needs on +2348168781940, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click HERE to drop a quick message. We will be glad to serve you.